Tangy Summer Quencher

Slightly modified the pattern of juices today, until now they were very light, made it slightly fuller today.


Cucumber: 2 small, washed, peeled, diced/cubed

Mango: 1 small unripe, peeled, diced & 1 small just ripened, peeled, diced

Salt (kala namak) to taste

Bhuna Jeera (Roasted Cumin seed powder): a pinch

Honey: 1/4 tsp

Cold water: 1/2 cup


Combine all the above ingredients, excluding the honey in a juicer/blender, (2 min @ medium speed, 2 @high speed). Strain into tall glass/jug, add honey, stir well. Discard pulp. Put into refrigerator to chill for an hour and/or more.

Serve cold, you can add ice if you wish. The above quantity made about 350 ml.


Cucumber-carrot-mango-mint delite

And in the next edition of juices created for Mom (to ensure hydration and also form her mid-morning energizer) a slightly different one.


Carrots small: 4, washed, scraped, peeled and diced/cubed

Cucumber: 1 small, washed, scraped, peeled, diced/cubed

Mango unripe: 1 small, peeled and diced

Mint paste: 1 tsp

Salt (i use black salt/kala namak): to taste

Honey/sugar: 1/4th tsp


In a blender/juicer add all the above, add 1/2 cup cold water, blend/juice (2 min @ medium speed, 2 min @high speed). Strain, pour into jug/tall gas, chill for an hour or so. Serve cold.

The quantity above made for about 300ml

Cucumber-mint-mango lightness

What with mom being unwell and concerns about her hydration quotient being quite high, I have taken recourse to creating light and refreshing summer juices for her. Today,  it was the turn of the cucumber-mint-mango medley. Light, lovely green in color, not too sour (pix comes up tomorrow).


Cucumber medium sized: 1, washed, peeled and diced/cubed

Mango: 1 small unripe, peeled, sliced

Mint leaves: 5-7, washed (or mint paste: 1tsp)

Curry patta (sweet neem) leaves: 4-5 washed

Salt to taste

Sugar/honey: 1/4 tsp

Cold water: 1/2 cup


Wash all the above ingredients, peel, dice whatever is required; combine in a mixer or blender jar (if your blender jar has a mesh/pulp filter, use it pls)

Blend/pulp at medium speeds for about 2min, then at high speed for another 2min.  Strain using the blender’s pulp filter or strainer, into a jug or tall glass; place in refrigerator to chill for about an hour. Serve cold. Discard pulp.

The above quantity makes one standard 200 ml serving.

My mom is elderly, so I did not retain the pulp, if desired a little bit of the pulp can be added to bulk the juice up.

Fruit Medley

It is hot and sweltering, humid and sticky, I want something long and cool to drink, but don’t want cold coffee or a milkshake, would be too heavy pre-lunch. So, a fruit medley: a couple of fruits, a dash of black salt and some ice cubes.

The result is a long tall cool glass of a lovely diffused orange, not overly sweet and easy to make.


1 medium sized orange

Melon ripe (i used honey dew): 2 slices

Watermelon: 1 slice

Cold water: 100 ml

Ice cubes: 4-5 crushed

Black salt to taste


Peel, de-seed and dice melon and watermelon, peel, de-seed orange, put all in a juicer/blender with filtering mesh, add crushed ice, salt and juice/blend.

If your blender does not have a filtering mesh, you may need to strain concoction. Pour into a tall glass, add additional ice cubes, if wanted, sit back and enjoy 🙂

The one above is a simple combination of an apple+orange+black salt+100ml Cold water. Method as above. Cheers 🙂

The eternal summer cooler: Aam panna

Summers are upon us, the scorching heat fairly wringing us out and most of us yearn for thirst quenchers. In the North Indian summers, we had 3 staples, Shikanjvi, Roohafzha and panna. Shared here is the panna recipe.


Unripe mango: 1 medium sized

Sugar: 2 tbsp (more if sweeter is wanted, though not advised)

Roasted, ground cumin powder: 1/2 tsp

Black Salt: to taste

Asfoetida (hing) : a pinch

Optional: Dried Ginger powder (sondh): a pinch


Thoroughly wash the unripe mango, in fact scrub skin, make lateral cuts on the skin with knife. In a saucepan, pour water covering the mango, put on flame to boil. Once boiling point has been reached, add other ingredients. Reduce flame and continue until water has been reduced to one-third. Turn off flame, allow to cool. Once cooled, crush mango to extract all pulp, discard seeds and skin, blend if required.

Check for required sweetness and salt. Pour into a jug or bottle and keep in refrigerator. When required, pour one-third of concentrated blend into glass, add cold water, ice cubes and stir well.

Makes for a wonderful refresher.