Chicken-Vegetable Tango

I stepped into the kitchen this Diwali weekend and decided to try my hand at a chicken dish. Given that I had no recipe to speak of, this was made purely by instinct, using what I had on hand. Also, I did want vegetables to be part of the dish. Hence…

Cooking time: ~1 hr

Preparation time (excl. Chicken marination): 30 min


Chicken Legs: 2, cleaned, skinned

Red Chilli Powder: 1/2 tsp

Roasted Cumin seed powder: 1/2 tsp

Black pepper: 1/4 tsp

Salt to taste

Carrots: 4 medium sized, peeled and cut into 1/2″ thick rings

Cauliflower 1 small: cut into bite sized florets

Capsicum: 1 medium sized, quartered, diced into 1″ pieces

Beans, about 10, strung, diced into 1″ pieces

Olives: 8 whole

Jalapeno: 1 small cut into rings

Zest of one orange

Red Wine: 1 cup

Mixed herbs: 1 tsp

Olive Oil: 2 tbsp


Wash and clean chicken legs, remove skin. Take a knife and make long cuts on the legs on both sides. In a small bowl mix together red chilli powder, roasted cumin seed powder, black pepper and salt. Apply this mixture onto the chicken and rest chicken overnight in the fridge (or for 4 hrs, if using fresh chicken).

Next day remove chicken from fridge, let it sit outside and return to room temperature, in the meantime prepare the vegetables.

Turn oven on, allow to heat for 15-20 min (I have a small gas oven, so I usually heat it up on high)

Heat a pan or work, put 1 tbsp olive and put chicken legs into cook (basically, sear chicken), let it cook on high for about 2min on both sides, reduce heat allow to cook for 2 more min (1 min each side), remove chicken, keep aside. In the same wok, add the remaining 1 tbsp of oil and put vegetables into saute, saute on high flame for about 2mins, stirring all the time, then reduce heat and allow to cook. Add salt to taste into vegetables.

Take a saucepan, pour the 1 cup wine into it, allow to come to boil, reduce heat, allow to simmer/reduce (takes about 3-5 min). Once reduced to desired consistency, add mixed herbs, stir in well, remove from flame, keep aside.

In a baking/oven proof dish, lay out the chicken pieces, cover and surround with vegetables, sprinkle the olives and chopped jalapenos, grate the zest over this, drizzle reduction, put into oven to cook for about 20-25 min. Ensure reduction does not all dry out. If so desired, drizzle one teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil before putting into oven.

Serve with toasted bread or by itself


Basic Sandwich

My apologies for not having put up any more posts. Currently, recovering from a foot inflammation {that precludes standing for too long; under medication, it is returning to normal behavior 😉 }

Heading to the kitchen one evening, I discovered that communications between me and the maid seemed to have gone haywire: the desired vegetable had not been readied for cooking. Since, foot still seemed to have a mind of its own, recourse had to be taken to an easier but equally filling and hopefully nutritious dinner.


Brown Bread: 3/4 slices (depending on your hunger)

Olive oil: for the toasting

Low Fat cottage Cheese: 50 gm

1 each medium onion/tomato and cucumber: finely sliced rings

Green olives: 3 halved; Jalapenos: 6 slices


Place a girdle (tava) on the flame, allow to heat mildly, sprinkle olive oil onto the bread slices and toast lightly. Take girdle off flame. (If you find the slices too dry, you can layer with a dip/spread.) Cut the paneer into medium thickness slices. Onto one slice of toasted bread, lay out the onion rings, followed by cucumber, lay on the paneer slices, layer with tomato, add olives/jalapenos, sprinkle salt with a very light hand, add pepper if desired, cover with another slice. Layer again as the first slice, here replace the cucumber layer with tomato and tomato with cucumber, finishing with olives-jalapeno combo. Top with another slice of bread. My sandwich was a 3-slice one. Drive a toothpick through the center and grill lightly. You can also use the sandwich maker for this. Serve hot with sauce or dip. Serves only 1.

Don’t begin the layer with the tomato, your sandwich will fall apart faster than you can say hello! (tomatoes give off water once cut, this seeps into the bread and makes it soggy) If you want to make this sandwich for later consumption, slice tomatoes, lay out on a muslin cloth and gently squeeze excess water out, then use in layering.

Sorry, folks, by the time this was assembled, i was ravenous, forgot to take a snap 🙂