Cottage Cheese Mousse (aka Chuha)

I learnt the original recipe from a friend, but it called for the addition of gelatine, not something I am very fond off, so I decided to play around with it and see what the outcome was.  Well, the outcome was as edible as the original recipe, except that this one is a more fluid, smooth, paste/spread-like consistency and not something that needs a knife to cut into like the set gelatine one. And yes, I prefer this one.

Time taken: ~15 min to prepare

About 30 min to chill (preferred serving)


Low fat cottage cheese aka paneer: 100-150 gm

Jalapenos: 1 big whole

Green olives: about 4-5 small whole

Capsicum: 1 small, diced

Cucumber: 1 small, peeled, diced

Garlic: 4-5 cloves, diced

Green chillies: 1 medium, diced

A dash each of oregano and chilli flakes

Salt/pepper to taste

Extra Virgin olive oil: 1/4 tsp


Dice/cube the cottage cheese, then mash it, keep aside.

Dice/slice and then blend the jalapenos, olives, capsicum, cucumber, garlic, green chillies. Into this blend add the mashed cottage cheese (you can choose to whisk by hand or use the blender/mixer). Into this blended mixture, add in the salt/pepper -whisk, add in the olive oil, blend/whisk for about less than a minute.

Scoop out either into individual ramekin dishes or main bowl, garnish with shredded celery/mint/coriander. Place into refrigerator to chill for about 30 min.

Serve with toasted bread, cream crackers, khakras, salted biscuits, or enjoy it plain. You can use other vegetables like carrots or tomatoes (if using tomatoes, please remove pulp or the end result will be a little more watery than the consistency shown here).

Stays in the refrigerator for about a week, please use  clean dry cutlery to take out (if it lasts that long). This is my basic recipe, given my mood and contents of my refrigerator this varies. You can, if you wish, spice it up or down. Goes well with most wines, given its cheesy base!

I call this one the ‘Chuha’ (in Hindi, Chuha means mouse! punning on the word “mousse”)


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