Chicken with Olives (curd-based marinade)

Chicken with Olives (curd-based marinade)

Chicken with Olives

I used to make non-veg dishes on a regular basis earlier, but am quite tardy now. This is a chicken dish I used to make often earlier. Hope you enjoy it.

The trick with marinading meats is the time and the marinade; chicken needs no more than 10 hrs marinade, esp a curd-based one; of these, 1 hr to be outside the fridge. Additionally, take marinaded chicken out of fridge and bring to room temperature at least 1 hr before cooking. Don’t take cold chicken directly into heated pan.

Wash and clean chicken, if using frozen chicken, take out in advance and thaw. Cut into pieces, boneless is preferable for this dish. Once chicken is ready, prick with a fork or make light cuts with a sharp knife on the pieces, this will help the marinade to soak in.


Chicken, marinade, oil for cooking (about 2 tsp), green olives (10-12 whole); cumin seeds: 1 tsp, salt to taste

For the marinade:

Low fat curd: 300-350 gm
Onions: 2 medium sized, cut,
Garlic: 4 cloves, peeled, chopped
Ginger 1″: peeled cut
Tomato: 1 medium sized chopped
Garam masala: 1tsp /or 1 1/2 tsp (depending on taste)
Red Chili powder: 1/2 tsp; green chillies:  2  (i used jalapenos instead of green chillies)
Oil: 1/4th tsp oil (i used olive oil)
mix all the above and grind/blend in the mixer, add salt to taste


Use chicken pieces which have been pricked with a fork, place in a pan big enough, pour out marinade on top, coat, mix ensure all pieces are covered, cover pan, allow to stay 1 hr outside, then refrigerate.

Do not use entire marinade, keep about 1/2 cup aside for cooking.

The next day (or after the 8-10 hrs are complete) remove marinaded chicken from the fridge, allow to return to room temperature (will take about 1 to 1.5 hr)

Take a pressure cooker, place on flame, heat, add some whole cumin seeds, allow to roast without oil, once seeds turn brown, add in the oil (1 tsp). Now add the chicken pieces in,  do not add the marinade left in the pan into the cooker, pls discard. Once chicken pieces have been added to the cooker, cook on high flame for about 3-min, stirring occasionally, then lower flame and allow chicken to roast till you see oil separating from the chicken.

Whenever you find the mixture going too dry and sticking to the pressure cooker, spoon some of the kept aside marinade and cook. Add olives. Continue spooning marinade and roasting until chicken is tender to touch and knife/spoon goes through the piece. If any of the kept aside marinade is left, pour it in (should not be after you have spooned it in for roasting), allow to simmer for about 2-min more.

Add about 1/2 glass or standard cup of water to the chicken, increase flame, bring to boil. Check to see salt is sufficient, place pressure cooker lid, allow to steam, once steam is out place control/weight. Cook on high heat until the first whistle, turn down heat after whistle and cook for 7-10 minutes; turn off gas, allow to cool naturally.

Serve hot garnished with freshly chopped coriander with rotis or buns or bread. This does not have too much of gravy, so may not combine well with rice.

Coming up next, chicken cooked with wine 🙂


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