Fruit Medley

It is hot and sweltering, humid and sticky, I want something long and cool to drink, but don’t want cold coffee or a milkshake, would be too heavy pre-lunch. So, a fruit medley: a couple of fruits, a dash of black salt and some ice cubes.

The result is a long tall cool glass of a lovely diffused orange, not overly sweet and easy to make.


1 medium sized orange

Melon ripe (i used honey dew): 2 slices

Watermelon: 1 slice

Cold water: 100 ml

Ice cubes: 4-5 crushed

Black salt to taste


Peel, de-seed and dice melon and watermelon, peel, de-seed orange, put all in a juicer/blender with filtering mesh, add crushed ice, salt and juice/blend.

If your blender does not have a filtering mesh, you may need to strain concoction. Pour into a tall glass, add additional ice cubes, if wanted, sit back and enjoy 🙂

The one above is a simple combination of an apple+orange+black salt+100ml Cold water. Method as above. Cheers 🙂


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