Yet another summer salad (this time with Avocado)

Yup, I have an overwhelming fondness for salads! Come summer, when appetites seem to go out of the window for a long, long stroll, greens and salad vegetables are so attractive 🙂


Avocado: 1 medium sized, halved, pulp extracted and diced fine

Capsicum: 1 medium sized, sliced lengthwise finely

Onion/Cucumber/Tomato: 1 medium sized each; onions finely sliced, cucumber and tomato, cubed.

Leek: 1 sliced into medium sized rings

Lettuce small: 1 finely sliced

Low fat Cottage Cheese (there we go again): 50 gm finely cubed

For the dressing:

Red wine/balsamic vinegar: 1/2 tsp

Salt to taste; Pepper a pinch

1 orange


Assemble all the salad ingredients in a bowl, toss to mix them well, add dressing ingredients in the following order: vinegar, salt, pepper; toss once more to allow dressing to percolate into salad ingredients.

Halve the orange, and squeeze juice over assembled salad, toss once more, refrigerate for 20-30 mins, to allow dressing to seep through.

Serve with lightly toasted bread.

Avocado is an acquired taste, you may replace it with a fruit, say apple, or add mushrooms.


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