Capsicum-mushroom-paneer stir-fry

I like capsicum, mushrooms and absolutely love paneer (cottage cheese), and usually am trying out new combination’s with simple-easy to cook recipes.

This is an easy one to make, doesn’t take too much time and is again, low-fat-low salt (in fact, that is one thing true of almost every recipe shared here).

Total cooking time, including preparation: under 30 min


Capsicum: 1 medium-sized

Mushrooms: 200 gm or 1 packet

Paneer (low-fat): 150-200 gm

Onion: 1 medium finely sliced (peel, halve, slice finely)

Garlic: 3 cloves, peeled, finely diced

Ginger: 1″ piece, peeled, finely diced

Salt: to taste

Olive oil: 1/2- 3/4th tsp

Chillies: green chillies- 1/2 finely sliced or red chili flakes -1/2 tsp

Optional: black pepper -1/4 tsp


Wash capsicum well, set aside, wash mushrooms under running water taking care to see that all grains of dirt have been washed away,  leave aside for water to drain. Cut capsicum length-wise into slices and then cubes, quarter mushrooms (if mushrooms are too small, stop at halves)

Cut paneer into cubes, if using fresh, if using packets, will already be cubed, the packet one may need to be thawed (use hot, not boiling water to do so–that is, take cubes out, dunk into hot water), let sit in H2O for about 5 mins, drain using a strainer.

Take a pan/kadhai/wok, place on high flame (I normally use anodized pans and do a dry roast on the base masala-garlic-ginger-onion); allow pan to heat, put in garlic, allow garlic to roast till it turns light brown, stir garlic to avoid burning; once garlic is roasted add ginger, roast, add onions, add green chillies, if using. Stir gently, onions usually give off water, so addition of oil at this point is not required.

Once onions turn pink, add in the mushrooms, after a minute, add the capsicum, again mushrooms will give off water, so allow capsicum-mushroom to cook in that water. Lower heat, once mushrooms start turning brown, add in the paneer, sprinkle the oil all around and gently stir, add in salt, chilli flakes, black pepper or red chili powder to taste, cook on low heat for about 3-5 mins. You can test the readiness of the dish by attempting to cut thru the capsicum with your ladle/cooking spoon. I prefer to retain a degree of crunchiness in the veges.

Serve with toasted breads, as fillings in sandwiches, or with roti-dal. You can spice it up as per your preference or combine it with a dip.

You can also make a starter version out of this, just ensure your pieces are slightly bigger than the normal bite sizes. Pix will come up this evening, once I have made this. Do let me know if you tried this and how it turned out.

I usually have this as a sabzi, or as a sandwich/roll filling. When using as a filling, I layer the sandwich/roll with my tangy curd-dip.

I am not a professional foto-grapher :(, so apologies in advance, just about finished making it, discovered I had run out of black pepper, so substituted with a pinch of my homemade garam masala, thinking of a dip/sauce to use with it, since tangy curd based one is over 🙂


7 thoughts on “Capsicum-mushroom-paneer stir-fry

  1. Kay,

    You could try the following variations:

    – Go Lower Fat Paneer: Use low fat milk to curdle and drip to form still lower fat paneer. Unless you trust the brand, paneer tends to be fattier than the home type.
    – You could mince the paneer and mushrooms and do a bake in empty capsicum shell.

    Overall a yum preparation. Waiting for the pics.

  2. @NaMaH, Now, now now, you have got my creative juices steaming, how about doing a light vinaigrette on the paneer-mushroom, basting the capsicum inner and yes doing a nice bake on it, topping it with a tangy-tomato-chilly dip/sauce, and making the boats lovely starters, hoi there, come on down, you and I shall concoct some nice variations 🙂

    • Siree, aka, fitfunda, u in trooble…beeg one, only one of us be ladies, NaMaH be @naived on twitter, and he be as big foodie as me; anyway, masale chane coming up today–tho this one is time consuming, but oh, those glorious complex proteins and so yummy!

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