Cooking for one – chore or fun

A question I get asked all the time: how on earth do you cook for just one person and why would you take the trouble to when you can just get lunch/dinner (dabba) catered in.

Well, my answer is and has been: I love cooking and cooking for just one actually allows me greater freedom to make whatever I want, experiment all I like, not have to stick to set meals and menus.

I have been cooking for one for the last 5 years now, there have been many experiments, most of them successful; some had to be revised and a few ended up in the rejects bin–even I did not have the guts to sample those. But, what I enjoy most about cooking for just me is the varieties that I can play around with, cuisines that permit exploration and when something is successful the reactions of friends when dishes are reproduced. Fortunately for me, most of the stuff that i rustle up is appreciated by friends and co-workers alike, which of course, is just the right encouragement needed to experiment some more.

With everyone getting health conscious these days, eating right and healthy has become quite the buzz-word everywhere. Like anybody else I love my salad greens but sometimes I like to spice up things are bit, make them more interesting with dips and the like.

I have had many requests to share my recipes, will try to give as exact measurements as possible; most of the time I go by instinct and not by exact measures. A friend once commented that my style of cooking is opening the fridge, looking at its contents and then deciding to throw this and that together to make a dish. That is pretty much what I do. I believe that if a dish smell good, it tastes good too (for me this holds true about 99 percent of the time; the 1 percent is when my dear darling nose decides to take a break and go down with a cold ;))

Most of the time, cooking is fun 🙂


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